Thinking Through a Forest [SINGLE]

by Crawl Space

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released November 14, 2012



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Crawl Space Manchester, UK

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Track Name: Thinking Through a Forest
honestly, i'm just adjusting to my honesty policy
and i'm feeling like i'm gonna collapse but if i'm gonna collapse well then i might aswell fall asleep
snug in your arms
this is what i need,
there's nothing stopping me from telling you everything

i want to feel
some heart
or more than ducking
straight under the covers they just cover what you really mean
i'm done wasting time i need to know what you mean so just tell me please

carefully, ripping you open and then waking up from a dream
now if i miss the part where-in you get up and run
you're gonna really hate the part when you start to scream
cos i'm a sucker for a liar
but i'm sucker for a lot of things
this always happens in the summer
oh i swear the sun has got in for me
but i'm tired of all your late epiphanies
and it takes guts but ignore my sentence structure
cos i'm too flustered to even sound a another one out

i finally feel like i'm getting older now
it's time to erase all my messages
act like I never even sent them at all
this feeling from my spine is creeping upwards out of line
but i'm fine

and now this
the moment we don't talk about
i'm on the brink of letting out my fears
i'm itching to be honest
upon thinking through a forest
i've realised something i've felt for years